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Re: bash, echo or openssl bug?

From: Mike Frysinger
Subject: Re: bash, echo or openssl bug?
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2012 12:37:15 -0500
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On Tuesday 03 January 2012 08:48:27 nick humphrey wrote:
> Description:
>         i dont know if the bug is a bash bug or openssl or echo, but when i
> echo a string and pipe it to openssl, the
> output comes on the same line as the prompt instead of a new line. it makes
> the output hard to read because it is prepended
> to the prompt text, e.g. address@hidden: ~$
> Repeat-By:
>         1. run the following code in bash terminal:
> echo OHBjcWNLNGlQaVF5 | openssl base64 -d
>         2. the output in the bash terminal looks like this:
> address@hidden: ~$

there is no bug in any of these packages.  openssl doesn't include a trailing 
new line.

>         3. the output SHOULD look like this:
> mySecretPassword
> address@hidden: ~$

then add it yourself:
        $ echo OHBjcWNLNGlQaVF5 | openssl base64 -d; echo
        $ out=$(echo OHBjcWNLNGlQaVF5 | openssl base64 -d); echo "${out}"
        ... many other ways ...

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