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Re: Restricted Bash - Not so restrictive (in 4.2 as well)

From: Jonathan Nieder
Subject: Re: Restricted Bash - Not so restrictive (in 4.2 as well)
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 05:12:41 -0600
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Sarnath K - ERS, HCLTech wrote:

> I see this problem in the latest Bash 4.2 as well. Say, I invoke
> "rbash" or "bash -r". This leaves me in a restrictive shell.
> However, this restrictive shell allows me to run "bash" or any other
> shell (without execing - just simply run) which leaves me in a
> normal shell.

Typically rbash is used with a nonstandard PATH setting to give users
access to a restricted set of commands.

However, I notice that the bash(1) manpage does not mention anything
about that.  If you can come up with a way to hint at it without
making the manpage much longer (maybe by tweaking the sentence that
starts "A restricted shell is used to set up an environment"), I
imagine that would be helpful.

Thanks and hope that helps,

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