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Re: minor bug in bash

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: minor bug in bash
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 23:42:09 -0700
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Zachary Miller wrote:
>   If write() is interrupted by a signal after it successfully writes
>   some data, it shall return the number of bytes written.
> consider SIGSTOP, which is non-maskable.  when the process continues, wouldn't
> this be a situation where the write was interrupted and thus could 
> legitimately
> return fewer bytes?

I am going to get myself in trouble by responding from memory instead
of researching and quoting W. Richard Stevens but...

When reading and writing there is a concept of high speed devices and
slow speed devices.  As I recall high speed devices include
filesystems (slow speed would be tty devices) and high speed devices
as I recall cannot be interrupted.  Therefore as a practical matter
this could never appear when reading or writing a file on a
filesystem.  This could only appear when reading or writing a "slow"
device such as a serial port or tty or other.  Assuming I recall this
correctly of course.


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