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Enhancement Request: Provide something like Emacs comint-get-next-from-h

From: jens . schmidt35
Subject: Enhancement Request: Provide something like Emacs comint-get-next-from-history in Bash
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 13:43:33 +0100 (CET)


To re-do previous command sequences from the history Bash provides 
operate-and-get-next (bound to C-o).  So to re-do a sequence A B C of commands 
I need to navigate to A in the history and then enter

  A C-o (=> B) C-o (=> C) RET

However, that requires the decision to re-do a sequence (and not only a single 
command) *BEFORE* the first command of the sequence is re-done.  However, to me 
it happens quite frequently that I navigate to A, hit RET as usual and only 
then remember that I would have better hit C-o instead of RET.

Emacs' function comint-get-next-from-history (bound to C-c C-x) uses a 
different approach: Here you navigate to A, press RET as usal, and press C-c 
C-x to get B and later C:

  A RET C-c C-x (=> B) RET C-c C-x (=> C) RET

While these are more keystrokes, I find it more intuitive and flexible since I 
can decide *AFTER* having issued command A how to go on.

I'm not sure whether something like that would be technically possible in Bash. 
 I'd definitely like something like that.

Thanks and regards


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