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set -e, bad substitutions, and trap EXIT

From: Ewan Mellor
Subject: set -e, bad substitutions, and trap EXIT
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 01:18:24 +0000


Is this a bug?  In the script below, I'm using a variable to control whether 
the script uses set -e or not, because the behavior is dependent on whether set 
-e is set.  When the script hits the bad substitution, it runs the exit handler 
and then exits as expected.  However, with set -e, the exit status for the 
script as a whole is wrong - it exits with 0 even though the script is 
aborting.  That's completely the opposite of what I'd expect.  Without set -e 
in force, it all works as expected.

I noticed also that when set -e is in force, the exit handler runs in a 
different subshell when compared with the other case -- the prefix is "++" vs 
"+" in the debug output.

This behavior is independent of whether set -o posix is in force.

~ $ echo $BASH_VERSION
~ $ cat ./test.sh

set -x

[ $SET_E ] && set -e

trap echo EXIT
echo ${$NO_SUCH_VAR}    # Bad substitution expected here

~ $ SET_E= ./test.sh ; echo $?
+ '[' ']'
+ trap echo EXIT
./test.sh: line 8: ${$NO_SUCH_VAR}: bad substitution
+ echo

~ $ SET_E=1 ./test.sh ; echo $?
+ '[' 1 ']'
+ set -e
+ trap echo EXIT
./test.sh: line 8: ${$NO_SUCH_VAR}: bad substitution
++ echo




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