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Re: set -e in (subshells) does not work independently of outer context

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: set -e in (subshells) does not work independently of outer context
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2012 18:28:11 -0800
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Please note,  I didn't compare anyone or their actions to those of Nazi's,

I used them as a historically famous example of someone who claimed to only
be following 'orders', (or the rules, or the standard....whatever!)... and in
a world court, it was deemed that such excuses were not a valid excuse for not
thinking for themselves and realizing that whatever the thing was they'd been told to do, was 'wrong'. (in their case, more wrong than most), but as I said
before, we are talking a matter principle -- NOT whether someone is behaving in
a Nazi like fashion, THOUGH, if we wanted to compare and look at those who are
engaged in dictatorial actions, and those who are more commonly marginalized as
outsiders, I'm sure such a comparison would be 'pointless' (though ironic).

Chet Ramey wrote:

On 2/8/12 6:31 PM, Linda Walsh wrote:

   Adhering to orders that are wrong, because "it's the 'standard', didn't
   work for
   Nazi officers, some excuse for not using their brain an realizing theA
   'rules' or standard as stated IS wrong.

I note another instance of proof of Godwin's Law.

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