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Re: Completion of ENV variables seems to be broken - leading slash (or e

From: Ryan Gies
Subject: Re: Completion of ENV variables seems to be broken - leading slash (or even more) is added
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 09:29:58 -0500
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Chet, thank you very much for the patch to bashline.c!

I want make aware my particular use-case. I use ENV variables to alias
different project directories:

    export vh="/var/www/vhosts"
    export lslib="/code/src/lib/perl"
    export lsjs="/code/src/lib/ecma"
    export lsres="/code/src/share/web/res"
    export lsext="/code/src/share/web/ext"
    export lstest="/code/src/test/perl"
    export lsconf="/code/src/share/server"
    export olde="/code/src/share/web/desktop/ext"

Before this fix was introduced I was able to[1]:

    $ cd $vh/ex<TAB><ENTER>

Which would nice place me in my /var/www/vhosts/example.com directory. However
since this feature[2] the same sequence produces:

    $ cd \$vh/example.com
    bash: cd: $vh/example.com: No such file or directory

Beyond changing directories these aliases aid copying and moving files:

    $ cp $vh/ex<TAB>/ht<TAB>/i<TAB> $vh/loc<TAB>/ht<TAB><ENTER>

Would copy:

    /var/www/vhosts/example.com/htdocs/index.html (to)


[1] Given the directory structure:

    |-- example.com
    |   `-- htdocs
    |           `-- index.html
    `-- localhost
        `-- htdocs

[2] Referenced in this thread:

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