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Re: RFE: allow bash to have libraries

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: RFE: allow bash to have libraries
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2012 14:48:18 -0800
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John Kearney wrote: ...
[large repetitive included text elided...]

why not just do something like this?
<26 line suggested 'header' elided...>
gives you more control anyway, pretty quick and simple.

At least 30% of the point of this is to take large amounts
of common initialization code that ends up at the front of  many
or most of my scripts and have it hidden in a side file where it can
just be 'included'...

Having to add 26 lines of code just to include 20 common lines doesn't
sound like a net-gain...

I thought of doing something similar until I realized I'd end up
with some path-search routine written in shell at the beginning of each
program just to enable bash to have structured & hierarchical libraries
like any other programming language except maybe BASIC (or other shells)

My problem is I keep thinking problems can be solvable in a few lines
of shell code.   Then they grow...   *sigh*...

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