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sed problem

From: Francky Leyn
Subject: sed problem
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 18:25:48 -0000
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I have the following problem: I must write a sed script that
converts parts of groff syntax to LaTeX syntax.

eg: .BI -o gif_output_file -> \textbf{-o} \textit{gif\_output\_file}

Lets neglect the underscores for the moment.

This can be dan with

s/\.BI \([^ ]*\) \([^ ]*\)/\\textbf{\1} \\textit{\2}/

However, it also has to work for:

eg: .BI -o " gif_output_file

It doesn't: this is the output:

\textbf{-o} \textit{"} gif\_output\_file"

Of couse.

My question: how do you write it correctly in sed?

Best reagrds,


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