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chain multiple initramfs ???

From: Edward Pnygma
Subject: chain multiple initramfs ???
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 18:26:24 -0000
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can anyone tell me if it's possible to chain load initramfs.

For example, I'd like to boot up and load an initial initramfs which will 
decrypt a partition and then chain load into another -> initramfs to 
perform some further preboot functionality which needs to operate on the 
decrypted volume?

anyone done anything like this??

or if anyone know how it may be possible to:
bootload into first initramfs, perform decryption of partition
and then return to bootloader so that a second initramfs can be specified 
from within the decrypted partition..?

if anyone has a solution please post back here with email address and I 
will get in contact with possible payment depending on solution.



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