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bash completion issue

From: João M . S . Silva
Subject: bash completion issue
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2012 19:11:55 +0100


I don't know if this is a know issue. It probably is, because I'm not
a bash-completion long-time user:

$ tar Jxvf pkg/mpfr-3.1.0.tar.xz -C -srbash: compgen: -r: invalid option
compgen: usage: compgen [-abcdefgjksuv] [-o option]  [-A action] [-G
globpat] [-W wordlist]  [-F function] [-C command] [-X filterpat] [-P
prefix] [-S suffix] [word]

After "-sr" I pressed tab for auto-completion. The minus was a typo
that caused the error.

João M. S. Silva

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