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I have a bash style question. Feedback request.

From: Steven W. Orr
Subject: I have a bash style question. Feedback request.
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 10:38:24 -0400
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I manage a hefty collection of bash scripts. Sometimes, I make heavy use of pushd and popd. When problems come up, the directory stack can make debugging more complicated than I'd like. One thing I did to get better control over things was to write a dstack module that provides pushd and popd functions.

The dstack module gives me simple flags that I can set through an environment variable that allow me to dump the stack either before or after a pushd or a popd, and to control their stdout and stderr. The default is that they both redirect to /dev/null and that all calls are checked when they return. e.g.
push somewhere || die 'Failed to pushd to somewhere'

(I hope people are still reading...)

Recently I discovered context managers in python and I had already implemented a directory stack module there. I added a context manager so that instead of saying


I can now say

with ds(foo):
# The popd is now automatic.

Back to bash, I see that things like code readability are impacted by the frequent use of pushd / popd. There could be lots (more than a screen full) between the pair, and forgetting to put the popd in or losing track of where you are can make things more complicateder. So, I thought: How can I get the benefit of a context manager in bash? It came to mind that simple curly braces might help.

So now I'm thinking of two possible scenarios.

Here's S1:

pushd somewhere

And S2 would be:

    pushd somewhere

I'd like to get feedback. Some choices for reasonable feedback might be:
a. It doesn't matter and I'm clearly overthinking this. Just pick one.
b. I like S[12] and anyone who disagrees will be met with a jihad.
c. Here's a better solution that I didn't think of.

If you got this far, have feedback and are in the Boston area, there's a beer with your name on it.

TIA :-)

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