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Re: reply style (OT) (was Re: Severe Bash Bug w/Arrays)

From: (Lnda Wlsh w/faked addr )
Subject: Re: reply style (OT) (was Re: Severe Bash Bug w/Arrays)
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 12:27:34 -0700
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Mike Frysinger wrote:

Anything else you wanna tell me NEVER/ALWAYS to do?

try ALWAYS being polite.  but i guess that'll NEVER happen.

oh well, thankfully kmail can auto-mute based on sender.


«"Always" "good to prejudge" "everything someone says" based on how they interact with one person [sic].» I am no more likely to use the same style with my mom than I would with a convicted killer, would you?

More often than not if you've read my past replies, my replies will be colored with the flavor of the note that was written to me. On a good day,
it will be a toned down version of the flavor, on a less good day, it might
be an intensified version of the tone.... Depends on how many times I revise it. That response was my 5th revision... If you wanted acerbic,
my first reply would have been much more appropriate (and immature).

I tend to find people who auto-judge all content from a person based on responses to annoying people, more than a bit immature given that human interactions are highly contextual. And I mean immature -- in the sense that they seem to think human responses are 'robotic or preprogrammed', and haven't yet learned that humans are not machines.

It takes dozens of notes from the same person before I begin to recognize their pervasive style, and THEN might start remembering their name. But usually I won't remember who wrote something by the time I read their next note -- unless they have a pervasive style that I notice over time, or have a protracted discussion with them.

Hopefully you will get this, on the off chance that you haven't auto-muted yourself due to any posting you've ever made in the past that might have offended someone. ;^).


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