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Unhelpful behaviors in 4.2.10(1)

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Unhelpful behaviors in 4.2.10(1)
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2012 18:01:03 -0700
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Ishtar:/tmp> more sdf

_prgpth="${0:?}"; _prg="${_prgpth##*}"; _prgdr="${_prgpth%/$_prg}"
[[ -z $_prgdr || $_prg == $_prgdr ]] && $_prgdr="$PWD"
export PATH="$_prgdr/lib:$_prgdr:$PATH"
shopt -s expand_aliases extglob sourcepath ; set -o pipefail

. backtrace.shh

. sdf2
file2: sdf2

[[ $# -ge 2 ]] && echo weird

Ishtar:/tmp> sdf
 Error executing "[[ $# -ge 2 ]]" in "main"
    at "./sdf", line "4" (level=0)

So why am I getting a backtrace (and how do I make it put out the right file)? I thought rather than something just dying -- it would be nice to know how it got there... so...backtrace... but the line it is complaining about is in "sdf2" --- and WTF?... how is testing a number an error that would cause a

(if this was running under -e, I presume that if statements that are false now fail?... )...I thought complex statements were not supposed to fail

POSIX really F-U'ed on this one... go back to bash 2's "simple statements"...
having conditional statements fail is going overboard...
I mean it's an explicit check to avoid an error condition...so, of course,
such checks are now errors?!?!?!....ARG *hitting head against wall....***


 more /home/law/bin/lib/backtrace.shh
function backtrace {

 declare -i level=0
 while {
     local cmd=$BASH_COMMAND
     local fn=${FUNCNAME[level+1]:-}
     local src=${BASH_SOURCE[level+1]:-}
     local ln=${BASH_LINENO[level]:-}
   }; do
     [[ -n $fn && -n $src && -n $ln  ]] && {
       echo "  Error executing \"$cmd\" in \"$fn\""
       echo "     at \"$src\", line \"$ln\" (level=$level)"
     exit 1

trap backtrace ERR
set -T

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