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Unicode collation for readline completion in bash

From: Rob Hoelz
Subject: Unicode collation for readline completion in bash
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 13:27:14 +0200
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I have an idea for a new feature for bash/readline, and I wanted to get
the community's feedback before I go about implementing it.

So, I have a number of files with diacritics in the name, like this:

$ ls
Sigur Rós - Dauðalogn.ogg Sigur Rós - Ég Anda.ogg Sigur Rós -
Rembihnútur.ogg Sigur Rós - Varúð.ogg
Sigur Rós - Ekki Múkk.ogg Sigur Rós - Fjögur Píanó.ogg Sigur Rós -
Valtari.ogg Sigur Rós - Varðeldur.ogg

I'd like diacritics to be ignored when performing tab completion, so if
I type "Sigur Ros - Eg" and hit tab, "Sigur Rós - Ég Anda.ogg" is filled in.

I've done some research, and it seems that this feature has yet to be
implemented. Does anyone know of an implementation for this, and if not,
this be acceptable as an addition to bash, or better yet, GNU readline?

Rob Hoelz

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