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Re: Unicode collation for readline completion in bash

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: Unicode collation for readline completion in bash
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 20:37:19 -0700
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Rob Hoelz wrote:

I have an idea for a new feature for bash/readline, and I wanted to get
the community's feedback before I go about implementing it.
        Have you looked at the Unicode collation algorithm?
        They have one published with each released.

        You say you want to ignore diacritics...ok... but what order would you 
them in?

        How about upper/lower case?  Unicode has a specified ordering that that 
OS implementations don't follow. Bash doesn't follow the Unicode ordering saying, well if POSIX doesn't say I have to, then I won't. POSIX is a mostly provincial standard based on ascii standard C -- with their official locale being called the C-locale until recently,
when they realize how provincial it made their standard look.   A standard that 
supports 127 (or less if the anti-invisi-char freaks get their way) chars?

        I would see no problem with implementing a switch that toggles ignoring
diacritics on or off... MS has a similar option in its OS search function -- for
searches, "should" it ignore diacritics or not.

        But I'd also like to see unicode ordering, as it's yet another worldwide
standard that the US isn't participating in (we got POSIX and the antiquated 
measurement system...)...

http://unicode.org/reports/tr10/ - Unicode Collation Algorithm, Unicode Technical standard #10

http://unicode.org/charts/uca/  - charts to show you the effect of the 

Note A-Z occur before a-z... unlike in most implementations of en_US.UTF-8...where they
are intermixed...

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