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Re: a recursion bug

From: Greg Wooledge
Subject: Re: a recursion bug
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2012 09:16:39 -0400
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On Wed, Oct 03, 2012 at 01:00:21PM +0000, Yuxiang Cao wrote:
> Hi, this is a interesting problem.  Because My bash version is 4.1.5, so I 
> simply run the similar thing as your code which give me this 
> address@hidden:~/research/realfault$ bash -c 'FUNCNEST=100; a() { echo "$1"; 
> a $(($1+1)); }; a 1' 2>&1 | tail

When I look in "man bash" on a Debian system with bash 4.1, there is no
FUNCNEST, so it was probably added in version 4.2.  That's why it isn't
working for you.

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