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Cron jobs, env vars, and group ID ... oh my

From: Mun
Subject: Cron jobs, env vars, and group ID ... oh my
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 09:10:02 -0800
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I need to run a script via cron that in turn launches a script to set up the
requisite environment variables needed for a successive script that is called.
Moreover, I need to change my group ID in order for the scripts called within
the cron job to run properly.

I have included a representation of my script below.  It turns out that within
my cron script, I am not seeing my group ID being changed (I call "id" for
debug purposes).  And even more puzzling is the behavior I'm seeing with the
environment variables.

I am using a here-document so that once the environment variables are set by
"setUpEnvVars" (see below) they can be accessed by the successive calls (Note:
Those calls are replaced by debug statements in the script below).  When I
echo or use the environment variables, they appear unset.  Although, printenv
correctly lists the environment variables with proper values.  Environment
variables that get set up via my profile (like $HOME) _are_ accessible within
my here-document.

In summary, I need help with two things:

1. How can I change my group ID within the cron script so that it applies to
   all successive calls--specifically within the here-document.

2. How can I access the environment variables set up by "setUpEnvVars" (see
   below) within the here-document?

If I am approaching this problem incorrectly, please let me know.

------------------------------ Delimiter BEGIN --------------------------------

#! /bin/bash

newgrp group1
id -g -n             // This shows my login group ID, not group1

export SHELL="/bin/bash -i"

/path/setUpEnvVars arg1 arg2 &> /home/mun/out.log <<EOF_REGR

id -g -n             // This shows my login group ID, not group1
printenv             // Correctly dumps env vars set up via setUpEnvVars
echo $VAR1           // VAR1 (set in setupEnvVars) appears unset
printenv|grep VAR1   // VAR1 is correctly printed
echo $HOME           // HOME is correctly printed


------------------------------- Delimiter END ---------------------------------

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



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