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Re: Question about the return value of 'local'

From: Bill Gradwohl
Subject: Re: Question about the return value of 'local'
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 11:58:50 -0600

My point was to DESIGN for html and the rich environment it offers, not to
try to convert a Model T into a Mercedes.

I'm not wild about a wiki either, if its a free for all. If on the other
hand, it is a submission platform that gets reviewed and edited by the
developers then it's possibly of benefit, especially for examples.

The best technical document I ever encountered was the DOS C compiler from
Microsoft over 20 years ago. At about 1.5" thick, the book that came with
it was excellent. I kept the book long after I ditched the compiler. Every
item listed in the index had sample code associated with it that not only
showed how to use the item, but also provided examples for the boundary
conditions that reinforced what the documentation said. Absolutely
excellent documentation. It used the K&R style but applied it to the entire
subroutine library.

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