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Re: shouldn't /+(??) capture 2 letter files only?

From: gregrwm
Subject: Re: shouldn't /+(??) capture 2 letter files only?
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 16:29:23 -0600

>> i wanted to move a bunch of files & directories, all except a certain
>> few, so i figured i'd use !(this|or|that).  so first i looked to see
>> if +(this|or|that) isolated what i expected...
> you would want /@(??) or simply /??, since there's no need for extglob for 
> that.

well what i actually wanted was to conjure an expression that selected
a small few files, and then invert the expression, in particular i
wanted to isolate all 2 letter names plus a few other names, and then
invert, so that the aforementioned were not in the selection.  perhaps
that's just a tad beyond what a bash expression can do (without
writing a loop)?

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