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A feature proposal

From: yati sagade
Subject: A feature proposal
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2013 14:36:45 +0530

I have found many a time that in my huge home directory tree, I forget what
directory contains exactly what. e.g., in ~/Projects/ml/py I might keep the
solutions to my machine learning course I wrote in Python, but sometimes,
we all can be bit shaky with naming directories and later have to hunt for
something when we need it.

What if a directory could optionally contain a special file, say,
".__about__ ",  which contains a brief summary of what this directory
contains. Then, the flow could be

   - Create a directory optionally with a message

             $ mkdir -p foo/bar --about "Example directory".

   - The cd builtin, depending upon an environment variable or an option,
   also cats the .__about__ file after performing the chdir.

$ cd --about foo/bar

              foo/bar: Example directory

Yati Sagade

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