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From: Egmont Koblinger
Subject: backward-line
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 00:07:49 +0100

Hi folks,

Sometimes I work with quite long command lines (4-5 lines on the screen)
and I need to modify something somewhere in the middle.  I know a couple of
ways to move the cursor there a little bit faster than holding the left
arrow (e.g. backward-word, or Alt+number then left arrow), I also know
about some non-interactive ways of editing a command line, but still I find
all these quite frustrating and time consuming.

The feature I've always missed from bash's line editing is to be able to
move the cursor up vertically by a line, using some shortcut key.  I
believe this makes the interactive editing of long command lines faster and
way more convenient.

I've quickly prototyped such a feature.  Please apply the attached patch,
put this in your .inputrc:
  "\e[1;5A": backward-line
  "\e[1;5B": forward-line
and try Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down on multi-line command lines to move the
cursor vertically.

Do you guys like this feature, do you think it could make it into official

If so, let me come up with a proper patch (it's going to be much more
complicated in order to support double wide characters.  The current one is
just a quick demo of the proposed feature which only works correctly with
single-cell characters.)


Attachment: bash-4.2.42-backward-line-forward-line-proof-of-concept.patch
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