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Re: weird problem -- path interpretted/eval'd as numeric expression

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: weird problem -- path interpretted/eval'd as numeric expression
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 13:25:53 -0700
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Greg Wooledge wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 12:17:21PM -0700, Linda Walsh wrote:
>> dcl -x _SPATH
>> dcl -xa _FPATH
>> dcl -xA _INC
> Arrays cannot be exported.  The bash manual explicitly says so:
>       Array variables may not (yet) be exported.
        It is there for the 'yet' part. In "aliases.sh" which
defines the 'include' function, we see:

declare -A _INC
export _INC
function include {
  [[ $1 ]] || return 1
  local fnc="$1"
  [[ $PATH != ${_SPATH:-} || address@hidden -lt 1 ]] && {
    unset _FPATH
    local -xa _FPATH=( $(IFS=:;echo $PATH) )
    export _SPATH="$PATH"

  if [[ -z ${_INC["$fnc"]:-}  ]]; then
    for pw in "address@hidden"; do
      [[ ${pw:0-1:1} != / ]] && pw+='/'
      local fn="${pw}${fnc}"
      if [[ -r $fn  || -r $fn.shh && fn+=".shh"  ]]; then
        source "$fn"  || {
          echo "Error: include of \"$fnc\" did not return 0 status"
          return $stat
        return 0
    echo "Cannot find \"$fnc\" in \"$PATH\"" >&2
    exit 2
export -f include

I.e. you *CAN* export a function -- and this function reconstructs
the array from SPATH if FPATH is not defined or if PATH has changed.

>> } | ( ((!(remove||expire))) && hsort -s || cat)
> Use of the && and || operators together as a "shorthand" for if/then/else
> is dangerous.  If the hsort command returns failure, the cat command
> will ALSO be executed.
        It is intentional that cat execute if hsort returns
failure.  FWIW, I was updating that section too try to use 'sort -h',
instead of hsort -- hsort was written before sort -h was available, though
sort -h doesn't produce a summary line at the end, so it's not
quit as nice.

But the point of that statement was that if you are *not doing*
remove or expire, then try to produce h-sorted (sort -h) output,
if that fails, then do 'cat'...

> http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashPitfalls#pf22
> Use an if command instead:
> ... } | if (( !(remove||expire) )); then hsort -s; else cat; fi
> Or even better 
> ... } | if ((remove||expire)); then cat; else hsort -s; fi
        Neither of those will do what the original does -- which
is to execute cat as a fallback for hsort -- i.e. this design
was intentional.

> Apart from those two things, I didn't really read the code.  It was
> quite a bit larger than I expected.  Those two problems were just the
> first ones I found.
        If it was easy, it wouldn't have stumped me for
several months...

> You may find it helpful to use "set -x" on the section of the code from
> which the error message is originating.

I did , that's why I have the PS4 statement in there... but I can't
make heads nor tails of the output...

>>~/.bash_env#7> [[ -n '' ]]
>>~/.bash_env#7> [[ -O /tmp/debug_local ]]
>>~/.bash_env#11> : /home/law/.bash_env
>>~/.bash_env#12> [[ -z 1 ]]
>>~/bin/recycle_space#4> export 
>> '
>> '
>>/home/law/bin/recycle_space#7> _prgpth=/home/law/bin/recycle_space
>>/home/law/bin/recycle_space#7> _prg=recycle_space
>>/home/law/bin/recycle_space#7> _prgdr=/home/law/bin
>>/home/law/bin/recycle_space#8> [[ -z /home/law/bin ]]
>>/home/law/bin/recycle_space#8> [[ /home/law/bin == . ]]
>>/home/law/bin/recycle_space#8> [[ recycle_space == /home/law/bin ]]
>>/home/law/bin/recycle_space#9> export 
>>/home/law/bin/recycle_space#11> shopt -s expand_aliases extglob sourcepath 
>>/home/law/bin/recycle_space#11> set -o pipefail
>>/home/law/bin/recycle_space#13> echo lib/Util/needroot.shh
>>/home/law/bin/recycle_space#14> include lib/Util/needroot.shh
>>#0(include)> [[ -n lib/Util/needroot.shh ]]
>>#1(include)> local fnc=lib/Util/needroot.shh
>>#2(include)> [[ 
>> != '' ]]
>>#3(include)> unset _FPATH
>>#4(include)> _FPATH=($(IFS=:;echo $PATH))
>>>#4(include)> IFS=:
>>>#4(include)> echo /home/law/bin /home/law/bin/lib . /sbin /usr/local/sbin 
>>>/home/law/bin /usr/local/bin /usr/bin /bin /usr/bin/X11 /usr/X11R6/bin 
>>>/usr/games /opt/kde3/bin /usr/lib/mit/bin /usr/lib/mit/sbin 
>>>/opt/dell/srvadmin/bin /usr/sbin /home/law/bin/lib /etc/local/func_lib 
>>#4(include)> local -xa _FPATH
>>#5(include)> export 
/home/law/bin/recycle_space: line 7: lib/Util/needroot.shh: division by 0 (error
token is "/needroot.shh")
>>#20(include)> Recycle_pat='\.recycle$'
>>>#25(include)> type -P ls
>>#25(include)> Ls=/usr/bin/ls
>>#32(include)> m1='Space Consumed in Recycle bins:'

You can see _FPATH being constructed from PATH and saved in _SPATH... you can 
see the div/0 at line 7 but it's not in the source code.

i.e. noticed the output of "-x" has 'include' in parens -- that's include the
not the file  (there was a reason for a more complicated PS4 statement).

@ line 9 in the function there is:
  if [[ -z ${_INC["$fnc"]:-}  ]]; then
and "$fnc" = lib/Utils/needroot.shh -- i.e. it's acting like
it is evaluating "$fnc" without the double quotes -- and treating
it like an integer expression.

But _INC is a *HASH* (not a numeric) array...

Could that be what is happening?

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