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Static analysis of bash scripts

From: Daniel Reichelt
Subject: Static analysis of bash scripts
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2013 15:44:50 +0200
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(2nd try, after 5hrs the first mail still didn't go through but didn't
produce any non-DSN either)

Hi everyone,

I'm maintaining a collection of shell scripts in some 50 different
debian packages. Some of them have no dependencies (with respect to
external commands), some of them depend on other debian packages and
some depend on each other.

I have grown sick of dependency management, yet I want it to be clean
and - newly - automated as far as possible. There are a hand full of
perl scripts out there to parse bash scripts in a "print every 1st word
on a line or whatever stands after a semicolon or a pipe" kind of way
which didn't satisfy me at all.

So I thought why re-invent the wheel...bash already has it's own parser,
why not use it to print every would-be-issued-command?

I did some hacking and came up with the attached patches, which
- add a new command-line option -N (implying -n)
- acts like a "verbose noexec" flag: walk the syntax tree and print each
command with its associated command type.

Currently it's in POC state and I'd like to hear your thoughts and I
have a few questions of my own:
- Would this feature be considered to be included upstream?
- What needs adjustment to be considered (style, technical reasons)?

There are some constructs which still aren't covered and I'm gonna need
help with:
1   a=$(( $(foo) + $(bar) ))
2   $(foo)
3   `foo`
4   case $(foo) in
5   < <(foo)

- 1 through 3 show up as simple_commands with the assignment flag set
but are not further evaluated by the parser (I guess that happens at
- 3 shows up as case_cmd, however unevaluated otherwise as above
- 5 doesn't show up at all in the output of ./bash-patched -nN

I don't have any knowledge of the inner workings of parser.y let alone
how to use it or how bash interacts with it - I just happened to have
found the right place to hook into...do you have an idea how to cover these?


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