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Re: to - Bookmark file system locations in bash on POSIX-like systems

From: Mara Kim
Subject: Re: to - Bookmark file system locations in bash on POSIX-like systems
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2013 20:51:19 -0500

Hi Domingo,

The biggest benefit is that it is just plain easier than managing a
directory of symbolic links on your own. I am extremely lazy.

Here is an example use case. At the end of a work day, I like to bookmark
the folder I am working in on my cluster with

to -b work

The next day, I can come back in and use

to work

To get back on track. Note that this process is the same even if the 'work'
bookmark already exists, while doing things by hand would throw an error
without first removing the old link. Also you would need to remember to use
cd -P every time if you wanted to keep things unaliased.

Sure you could do it all by hand--in fact, the script essentially does
those ln operations you mentioned, plus some additional safety checks--but
if you are going to be doing a certain series of operations repeatedly, why
not automate them?  You are more likely to make a mistake typing things by
hand every time.

On 2013-04-04 21:05, Domingo Ignacio Galdos wrote:
> Hn, I use a similar tool called ln
> In all seriousness what value does or could a tool like this add above ln?
> ln -s ~/some/long/path ~/bookmark
> cd ~/bookmark
> cd ~/bookmark/nested/tab/completion
> rm ~/bookmark
> Sorry I don't mean that in a snarly way I am curious if you can come up or
> have with any additional new ideas that go beyond this...

I'm not the author, but I have plenty of places I want to bookmark, but
have no
interest in having a symlink to it cluttering my home folder. For example,
repositories that I frequently access.

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