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Typos and other issues with the documentation

From: Geir Hauge
Subject: Typos and other issues with the documentation
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 23:48:21 +0200

Here's a list of a few problems with the documentation I've encountered

1.  The -n option introduced in 4.3-alpha for the wait builtin is
    mistyped as --n in the manual.

2.  A minor typo in the help text for the hash builtin:

    $ help hash | grep ' -p'
          -p pathname use PATHNAME is the full pathname of NAME

3.  In the manual, the section on Programmable Completion contains the
    following example:

        . "/etc/bash_completion.d/$1.sh" >/dev/null 2>&1 && return
    complete -D -F _completion_loader

    If you add a couple of files defining completions for a couple of
    commands in /etc/bash_completion.d/ and then run the above example,
    completion will stop working for all other commands. I suggest
    adding -o default on that complete -D command so that it falls back
    on default completion if there's no completion defined for a given

    In addition I'd suggest dropping the .sh extension since .sh
    suggests the file contains sh code, but it surely will contain bash
    specific code. The path already suggests that it will contain bash
    completion code, so any extension would be redundant anyway.

4.  The description for TIMEFORMAT in the manual says that if the
    variable is not set, bash acts as if it has the value
    $'\nreal\t%3lR\nuser\t%3lU\nsys%3lS'. There's missing a \t after sys
    there. In the devel branch there's an added backslash, but still
    missing the t.

5.  The help text for most (if not all) example/loadables/ get
    "polluted" if the text is translated. *.po files generally contain
    a block like:

    msgid ""
    msgstr ""
    "Project-Id-Version: bash 4.2\n"
    "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
    ...info about who translated it to the language and when etc...

    And if ''long_doc'' in ''struct builtin'' contains an empty string,
    that empty string gets translated into the above msgstr. So I
    suggest avoiding translating the empty string.

I'm attaching patches against the latest git devel branch for the above
five typos/bugs/suggestions.

Geir Hauge

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