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Re: feature request: file_not_found_handle()

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: feature request: file_not_found_handle()
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2013 18:47:48 -0700
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Roman Rakus wrote:
You are badly using features of bash. Write a script which will do things for you, or use any other language/shell.

Please, accept this response as a suggestion.
Seems to be a bit provincial.

command_not_found_handle is designed to do other things than you are expecting.
If it wasn't for things doing what we don't expect, many things
wouldn't be around
(aspirin, popcorn, digitalis, Rogain, & tons more... most things
are found by NOT using them they way you are directed to use them).

Application of imagination and inventiveness...not that I haven't
wondered about the usefulness of some of the things I've come
BUT some are and many I won't know until I try.

Saying someone is not using a tool according to "xxyz"... is akin
to a religious accusation of heresy or blasphemy... At that point,
people just need to realize that some people can't think outside
properly sized boxes...

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