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"jobs" builtin: print zero exit status

From: Dmitry Bolshakov
Subject: "jobs" builtin: print zero exit status
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 14:14:55 +0400

   imho "jobs" should either print zero exit status or it should be
   documented that "Done" means zero exit status
   $ bash -c 'set -m; perl -e "sleep 1; exit 123"& { sleep 3; jobs -l; }'
   [1]+е║ Exit 123е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║ perl -e "sleep 1; exit 123"
   ok, I see exit status
   $ bash -c 'set -m; perl -e "sleep 1; exit 0"& { sleep 3; jobs -l; }'
   [1]+е║ Doneе║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║е║ perl -e "sleep 1; exit 0"
   imho "Exit 0" would be better for scripting


   with best regards
   Dmitry Bolshakov

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