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Weird process substitution behavior

From: John Dawson
Subject: Weird process substitution behavior
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 14:18:15 -0600

The following surprised me. I thought line 4 of the output, and certainly
line 5 of the output, should have said "0 /dev/fd/63" too. Is this behavior
a bug?

$ cat bug1.bash
    wc -l $1
    wc -l $1
    wc -l $1
    true | wc -l $1
    wc -l $1
count_lines <(date)

$ ./bug1.bash
1 /dev/fd/63
0 /dev/fd/63
0 /dev/fd/63
wc: /dev/fd/63: No such file or directory
wc: /dev/fd/63: No such file or directory

I ran this on Bash 4.2.37(1)-release on Fedora Linux.

John Dawson <address@hidden>

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