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Re: bash leaks sh-np-NNN files and pipes in /tmp/ when command substitut

From: Yuri
Subject: Re: bash leaks sh-np-NNN files and pipes in /tmp/ when command substitution is used
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 01:41:25 -0800
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On 12/11/2013 22:53, Piotr Grzybowski wrote:
  Yuri: I have verified that under linux 3.2.0, bash-4.2.25, nothing of
the sort takes place. tee gets/dev/fd/${somefd}, why it is not
supported in bsd kernel i have no idea, but I thought it was. I've
even built mplayer and run your script (btw. probably there is an
easier way of doing what you want), I also performed some tests with
command that actually outputs what grep looks for. Also please note
that `command substitution`, or $(command substitution) is slightly
different from >(process substitution).


/dev/fd/{somefd} is quite an advanced feature, and it can be/has been argued that it can lead to unpredictable behavior when file descriptors appear/disappear. So FreeBSD only implements fds 0,1,2. Even those can be closed too. There are some other systems without such feature, and bash should be fixed to work fine without it.


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