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Re: bash doesn't execute SIGCHLD traps in correct context

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Re: bash doesn't execute SIGCHLD traps in correct context
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2014 10:03:51 -0500
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On 2/4/14 10:33 AM, Alexandru Damian wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm facing an interesting problem - Bash doesn't execute SIGCHLD traps
> in the correct context. I'm using bash-4.2.

That's not it.  The `context' -- if you mean what I think you mean -- is
correct.  The SIGCHLD signal disposition needs special handling because
bash needs to be able to reap children regardless of whether or not the
signal is trapped.  There is code to detect whether or not the trap
handler gets reset to the default while the trap handler is running and
not retain the old trap handler; there is just a bug in it.  That will be
fixed for bash-4.3.

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