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Re: sourcing script file from inside a function doesn't work anymore

From: thioroup8
Subject: Re: sourcing script file from inside a function doesn't work anymore
Date: Mon, 12 May 2014 19:15:59 +0200
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Hi all,

Chet, I compiled a 4.3.11 from scratch.
Then I applied your fix and compiled again.
I executed my test program I attached in my bug report and it works like a charm and like bash 4.2.

Now I'm going to try with several scripts I wrote which were affected by this bug...

Thank you all for your time

Best regards

Le 12/05/2014 17:31, Chet Ramey a écrit :
On 5/12/14, 9:33 AM, Geir Hauge wrote:
2014-05-12 14:11 GMT+02:00 Greg Wooledge <address@hidden>:

On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 12:22:40PM +0200, thioroup8 wrote:
Now, I source it from inside a function: I obtain following error
bash: declare: tmp: not found
I think this problem raises in the particular case of involving array
variables definitions inside sourced bash script file...
   cat << "EOF" > "${file_to_be_sourced}"
declare -a tmp='([0]="1" [1]="2")'
The problem is that you are using "declare" within the file-to-be-sourced.
When you source the file inside a function, Bash runs the declare command
within the context of the function, where declare has the same meaning as
"local".  Thus, it makes the variable local to the function.

There really is a bug here, a weird one. Using a simplified script, we
see that this works as expected:
Yep. Thanks for the report.  The issue is that the `placeholder' attribute
doesn't get unset when the argument is quoted -- it takes a different code
path than when it's unquoted.  I've attached a patch for people to
experiment with.


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