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Re: Arithmetic + array allows for code injection

From: Dan Douglas
Subject: Re: Arithmetic + array allows for code injection
Date: Fri, 30 May 2014 21:28:13 -0500
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On Friday, May 30, 2014 08:57:42 PM Pierre Gaston wrote:
> It doesn't seem right for code looking as innocent as $((a[$i])) or
> $((a["$i"])) to allow running arbitrary commands for some value of i, that
> are no even that clever:
> $ i='$( echo >&2 an arbitrary command )';:  $((a["$i"]))
> an arbitrary command
> $ i='"$( echo >&2 an arbitrary command)"';: $((a[$i]))
> an arbitrary command

The problem is most people don't realize how "variables" are evaluated.
Any time the shell needs to reference a variable, it takes a string
like: "arr[$foo]" and, if there's an index, the string within the index
gets processed for expansions. The arithmetic evaluator is no exception.

The correct way to write such a thing is to let the variable evaluation
expand the parameter from the arithmetic evaluator:

 $ bash -c 'typeset -A a; i=\" a[$i]=1+1; echo "$((a[\$i]))"'
 $ ksh -c 'typeset -A a; i=\" a[$i]=1+1; echo "$((a[\$i]))"'
 $ zsh -c 'typeset -A a; i=\" a[$i]=1+1; echo "$((a[\$i]))"'

Just to clarify, this came up during a discussion in freenode/#ksh (I
believe Jilles Tjoelker first pointed out the issue).

He noticed that ksh93 in some cases allows associative array indexes to
be interpreted differently by the arithmetic evaluator. Namely, if `i=]`
or `i=\"` then ksh uses that value as the index. Bash simply performs
all the usual expansions then takes the resulting string and passes it
to the arithmetic evaluator.

But notice that even ksh processes indexes for expansions. I don't know
why it allows those specific exceptions, and I think I even found a bug
in ksh here.

 # Bash is correct here AFAICT.
 $ bash -c 'typeset -A a; i="\$(echo \\\")" a[\"]=1+1; echo "$((a[$i]))"'

 # ksh93 fails this test:
 $ ksh -c 'typeset -A a; i="\$(echo \\\")" a[\"]=1+1; echo "$((a[$i]))"'
ksh: syntax error at line 1: `end of file' unexpected

Dan Douglas

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