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Re: Echoing commands in vi visual mode

From: Ondrej Oprala
Subject: Re: Echoing commands in vi visual mode
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2014 13:56:06 +0200
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On 06/11/2014 07:26 PM, Chet Ramey wrote:
On 6/11/14, 6:35 AM, Ondrej Oprala wrote:
bash-4.3 seems to act differently(better) in vi visual mode, than previous
bash-4 minors.
However, ksh gave a different result all along.
This isn't standardized, so I'm not worried about small differences between
implementations in something that happens interactively.
True, it's an unimportant detail, though ksh-compliance seems to
always be desired.
Anyway, one of my colleagues wrote a small patch that brings
the behaviour very close to ksh. Could you please comment on it?

Bash uses the `v' option to echo commands as they are read from the temp
file and executed, and that option is inherited by subshells.  ksh93
doesn't seem to echo any commands at all.  I personally think the bash
behavior is more useful.


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