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leading zeros ignored by perl, ksh. not bash

From: Maik.Liedtke
Subject: leading zeros ignored by perl, ksh. not bash
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 07:20:01 +0000


to change our scripts from ksh to bash we have problems with vars and leading 
how we can declare hrs and min?
or can we disable the automatic change from decimal to octal?

leading zeros ignored by perl, ksh. not bash
cannnot declare vars hrs and min as decimal only

address@hidden:/home/user> ./mltest.pl
TIME = 08:09
hrs=08 | min=09 | locmin=489

address@hidden:/home/user> ./mltest.ksh
hrs=8 | min=9 | locmin=489

address@hidden:/home/user> ./mltest.sh
./mltest.sh: line 9: 08: value too great for base (error token is "08")
./mltest.sh: line 10: 09: value too great for base (error token is "09")
hrs= | min= | locmin=0

code (mltest.sh)


declare -i hrs min locmin

echo "TIME=$TIME"

hrs=$(echo ${TIME}|cut -f1 -d ':')
min=$(echo ${TIME}|cut -f2 -d ':')
#hrs=$(echo ${TIME}|cut -f1 -d ':'|bc -l)             # workaround 1: ok
#min=$(echo ${TIME}|cut -f2 -d ':'|bc -l)             # workaround 1: ok
###hrs=$(echo ${TIME}|cut -f1 -d ':'|sed "s/^0*//")   # workaround 2: ok
###min=$(echo ${TIME}|cut -f2 -d ':'|sed "s/^0*//")   # workaround 2: ok


echo "hrs=$hrs | min=$min | locmin=$locmin"

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