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Re: Code for :"Re: HERE document failed && Re: /dev/fd/62: No such file

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: Code for :"Re: HERE document failed && Re: /dev/fd/62: No such file or directory"
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 15:34:13 -0700
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I got various suggestions for getting my script to work at boot time,

and any of them might have been applicable before I'd gotten to the current

In particular the <<<"$VAR" construct where VAR was holding
output from a program.. was something on my "iffy" list,
but it seemed to work and not be at fault upon further
exploration.  Now it's one of 2 Associative arrays (often
called "'map's" in the code where they are used as such)
that is failing due to illegal subscript messages.
The fact that one of the maps works and the other does not
seems odd.  They are both initialized the same way.

I've also tried resetting the environment...
(env -i bash --norc --noprofile;
bash-4.2$ ...command works...)

Is it really the case that now that the problem is better
defined, that it really is just some problem in bash
that can only reproduced on a booting system?

Note -- if you invoke the script with with no parms, it
display normal options "ifmap" (shows current mapping)
and "remap" which does a verify on the names and does
renaming if needed (based on it's internal table -- i.e.
don't use this unless you've adapted it to your system).

undocumented: if you invoke it with 'start' it does the "remap" function.

Other than a few left-over functions from earlier debug
attempts (tests removed, but some of the functions remain
so I can maybe move them to a library later  (e.g. - isarray
& varflags), it is fairly lean for design of non-throwaway code.

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