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Bash 2.05 patch for "shellshock"

From: Tom Lesniak
Subject: Bash 2.05 patch for "shellshock"
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2014 15:09:19 -0400
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I'm really going out on a limb, but is there any chance of getting a shellshock patch for Bash 2.05? I've got many legacy systems running RH7.2 (enigma) that I'm trying to locate a fix for. I've looked at the patches for Bash, but the fixes only go as far back as 2.05b. I've attempted to manually make the changes that the patches for 2.05b make, however there were a lot of changes between 2.05 and 2.05b so not everything matches.

These are legacy systems that I've got to support and upgrading to a newer version of Bash is not possible.

I've run the tests and this version of Bash is vulnerable.


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