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Re: Cannot build bash-4.2 with Patch 53

From: Steve Simmons
Subject: Re: Cannot build bash-4.2 with Patch 53
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 00:47:16 -0400

On Oct 9, 2014, at 9:34 PM, TODD TRIMMER <address@hidden> wrote:

> If I compile from bash-4.2 from source, cumulatively applying patches through 
> 52, things work fine. If I start from scratch and apply through 53, it errors 
> out:
> gcc -L.. . .
> ./builtins/libbuiltins.a(evalstring.o): In function `parse_and_execute':
> /home/ttrimmer/depot/ext/bash/patch/src/builtins/evalstring.c:274: undefined 
> reference to `parser_remaining_input'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make: *** [bash] Error 1
> I can see parser_remaining_input patched in parse.y and 
> builtins/evalstring.c. However, it will not compile.

Sounds like y.tab.[ch] never got (re)built from parse.y. Try renaming them to 
-old and give the 'make' command again. If you don't have yacc or bison, 
that'll fail. Get and install bison and try again.

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