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Practical use of the C preprocessor

From: Flávio Medeiros
Subject: Practical use of the C preprocessor
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2014 16:14:04 -0700

Hi Bash developers,

As part of a research team with members from *Carnegie Mellon University
(USA), **University of Waterloo (Canada)*, *Federal University of Campina
Grande (Brazil)* and *Federal University of Alagoas (Brazil)*, we
interviewed 40 developers of open source and industry projects during the
last 6 months.

We are studying the practical use of the C preprocessor. In particular, we
ask questions about the following main topics:

- Why the C preprocessor is still widely used in practice?
- What are the common problems of using preprocessor directives?
- What are the alternatives to preprocessor directives?

As a result, we have some findings that we would like to validate by asking
a broader population of developers about their agreements, disagreements,
and preferences. We will use your answers to understand the practical use
of preprocessor directives and develop supporting tools.

We would like to ask you to participate in our survey. You should be able
to answer our questions in around 10-15 minutes.

Please access our survey here

We really appreciate your help.


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