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Experiment to provide a mirror of bash with detailed git history

From: Eduardo A . Bustamante López
Subject: Experiment to provide a mirror of bash with detailed git history
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 14:54:50 -0600
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.23 (2014-03-12)

I know that some people are interested in a more detailed commit history in
bash's git repository. After all, it's easier for all of us to just learn to
use a tool, and use that for everything.

The changelog files distributed with bash are useful, *but*, I claim that it'd
be more useful to use the facilities that git provides for this. Because, it
already has many useful things, like bisect, blame, log, and so on, that only
work properly if you follow the good practice of making "logical commits".

Now, I'm not requesting to add more workload to the already heavy workload that
Chet has, so, what I'm asking is for help to keep an always up-to-date mirror
of bash where we follow the best git practices. We'd also link every
individual commit to the parent commit in the official bash repository.

I don't want this repo to be used to build bash. My only goal is that people
who are involved somehow in the development of bash have a good history
reference, and make it easier for us to read updates and peer review the
changes. This way we can test Chet changes, check if there are no evident
mistakes, and make the overall development process of bash better.

Also, I'd like to start using github issues to track bug reports, again, as a
mirror, so that we can provide people with an always up to date reference of
the status of the bugs they reported, and in what specific point of bash's
history a fix was provided. I know that we already have savannah for that, but
since I'm not a project member, and since I'm a bit lazy and didn't research
what I had to do to request access, I decided to start with this mirror.

I would like to know what you think about this, Chet. And also, for any other
followers of this list, if they want to help me with the process of splitting
the commits, that would be great.

Also, we could perhaps start looking into the somewhat messy tests/
subdirectory, and make it a robust test system to check for regressions, posix
compatibility, and so on.

The link to the aforementioned repo: https://github.com/dualbus/bash

So, for now, I volunteer to the effort of keeping the history in sync. Oh, I
also removed stuff like automake's cache, the configure file (that should be
generated with autoconf -i anyways), the -i files, and many other stuff that
shouldn't be in the repo.


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