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Re: [Help-bash] make function local

From: Eduardo A . Bustamante López
Subject: Re: [Help-bash] make function local
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2015 16:06:37 -0500
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Well, if your scripts are so simple, why use local functions at all? You're
claiming we invent stuff to make your examples fail, but I don't know anyone
that writes such complex code for very simple tasks that can even be done
without functions. So, the burden to prove these convoluted approaches are
justified is on *your* side.

The "local" function you provided is clearly a fake case. Provide real world
cases, so that we can make real world criticism and take decisions that affect
people writing actual useful code.

If that's the complete script, why unset the functions? Security? That's the
whole script, what other functions could there be that are affected by a left
over function name in the script's global namespace?

Eduardo Bustamante

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