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Feature : walkthrough lines of stdout

From: Hrazel
Subject: Feature : walkthrough lines of stdout
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2015 04:05:56 -0700 (MST)


Bash has a nice feature to walkthrough the lines of the command history by
arrow keys.
But when a command is executed and leaves arbitrary traces on stdout I am
forced to take the mouse to copy lines of interest
if I want to use it again.

Im not talking about directing the output of a command to the next command.
I know about piping.

Now it would be nice just to log the last lines on stdout and walk it
through line by line ready to be put to the clipboard.

Lets say  there is a lot of debug info or something arbitrary on screen.
But you want to pick a filename that you find on one of the lines.

Now you would have to copy paste it by mouse so that you can use it like :
vim /usr/bin/myscript.sh

It would be so cool just to [shift] + [arrow up]  to go to the line of
interest. [arrow right]  to copy it to the clipboard and return to the
normal console again. then I can decide what to do with it next. 

This would be useful above all in situations where the output is already
produced and the cant just reproduce it  or where it is too hard to create
an expression just to rgab exactely what you want.

Thanks a lot 


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