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Weird background crashing bug

From: Braden Best
Subject: Weird background crashing bug
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 20:40:55 -0600

I noticed it when I tried to branch an xterm off into multiple sessions and mistyped its name:

`xter m&`

So after experimenting with a ton of different scenarios I've come to this conclusion:

* both xterm and gnome-terminal crash

* a nested bash session also crashes returning me back to the previous shell where the wd is ~

* does not crash in TTY, nor in nested session within TTY.

* only happens when two or more (but not less) directories deep into home (~), for example, "~/Videos/movies/" or "~/Pictures/vacation/2009".

Running a non-existent command in the background while two or more directories deep into home (~) causes bash to crash, but only when in a terminal emulator

Why does this happen?

Braden Best
(505) 692 0947

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