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Bash 4.3.30 on AIX 6.1 filename completion

From: Steve Dahl
Subject: Bash 4.3.30 on AIX 6.1 filename completion
Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2015 20:50:38 -0400
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If on AIX 6.1, I mount an NFS volume exported from CentOS 6.7, Bash (4.3.30) is unable to do tab completion within that file system. If (for example) I search for files that I know exist, such as:

    ls -l /path/to/files/*.h

...no answers are returned even though

    ls -l /path/to/files

...will show those files.

In the course of trying to understand why AIX didn't like our new NFS server, I found that bash's glob.c depends on opendir(), and that in a simple test on that NFS file system, opendir() fails with EOVERFLOW.

The AIX man page for opendir() documents opendir64() but doesn't go into a lot of detail about what it's for other than the inferred hint that it might allow for file sizes larger than 4 GB.

The same simple test that gets EOVERFLOW when I use opendir() indeed seems to succeed when I use opendir64(). Once you know the answer, you can find hints on IBM forums that seem to confirm it.

Is there already a version of "bash" somewhere that already supports large file systems on AIX if its compilation is configured right?

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