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Inhibit redisplay of prompt in 4.4-alpha

From: Jesper Nygårds
Subject: Inhibit redisplay of prompt in 4.4-alpha
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2015 12:43:47 +0200

I am testing the following change in 4.4-alpha:

ggg. The commands executed by `bind -x' now redisplay at most the final line
     of a multi-line prompt, and those commands may return 124 to indicate that
     the entire prompt should be redrawn.

This is great news and means that two-line prompts now can be used with "bind -x". It seems to work as intended.

I see that a function can return 124 to make the whole prompt redisplay. However, for my purposes, it would be even better if there also was a code that a function could return which would inhibit all redisplay of the prompt. 

I have described the kind of "widget functions" that I use in the thread "bind -x and multiple prompt/command lines" from April of 2014. When using such a function, the flickering that results from the prompt redisplaying is a bit annoying.

If there were some return code that could inhibit the prompt redisplay, that would therefore be great.

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