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Re: Feature Request re: syslog and bashhist

From: aixtools
Subject: Re: Feature Request re: syslog and bashhist
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 12:31:55 +0200
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On 2015-08-10 10:19 PM, Chet Ramey wrote:
On 8/9/15 1:37 PM, aixtools wrote:

Via google I came across the define named

config-top.h:/* #define SYSLOG_HISTORY */

Changing it (manually) to
config-top.h:#define SYSLOG_HISTORY

Adds syslog statements such as:
Aug  9 16:52:55 x064 user:info syslog: HISTORY: PID=262242 UID=0 ls -ltr

Request #1
Add a ./configure variable, e.g., --with-syslog_history
I will think about this, but I am inclined not to do it.  It's easy enough
to enable for those few user who want to do so.
Basically, I had not noticed it was there. It was only because I was at a customer who said they had customized their version years ago that I started searching for information about "bash and syslog". Most of those hits were about using "fc" to add commands via the external syslogger - and these are the oldest, so the first, read top hits, that I got back. One of the replies mentioned the "top" include file.

This is actually, for me, the first compelling reason to switch shells for "what is provided" to what I must be certain is added.

In short, having it included in ./configure simply give it much more visibility - and perhaps adoption.
Request #2

At the request of a bash user on AIX I made the following change to make
the syslog output "standardized" to AIX format for many applications so
that the output looks like this:

Aug  9 17:30:12 x064 user:info syslog: bash[454682]: UID=0: ls -ltr
The better way to do this is to use openlog().  I will add the necessary
pieces to call openlog with the shell name as the identifier and LOG_PID
as the default value for the log options.
I try to make minimal changes. There are perhaps many other 'things' to think about here. e.g., I thought about the syslog facility and level as a configureable, but have decided against - as someone could divert the log to an unmonitored facility - defeats the purpose. However, maybe being able to specify what gets logged via a define (order of arguments, length, etc) might be "nice".

But, openlog() - I'll readup, but I expect that may be what "AIX" applications are using already to get "that" layout.

Many thanks for your consideration!

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