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Re: Bash 4.3.30 on AIX 6.1 filename completion

From: aixtools
Subject: Re: Bash 4.3.30 on AIX 6.1 filename completion
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 12:42:29 +0200
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On 2015-08-12 12:38 PM, aixtools wrote:
On 2015-08-03 3:40 PM, Chet Ramey wrote:
On 8/2/15 8:50 PM, Steve Dahl wrote:
If on AIX 6.1, I mount an NFS volume exported from CentOS 6.7, Bash
(4.3.30) is unable to do tab completion within that file system. If (for
example) I search for files that I know exist, such as:

     ls -l /path/to/files/*.h

...no answers are returned even though

     ls -l /path/to/files

...will show those files.

In the course of trying to understand why AIX didn't like our new NFS
server, I found that bash's glob.c depends on opendir(), and that in a
simple test on that NFS file system, opendir() fails with EOVERFLOW.

The AIX man page for opendir() documents opendir64() but doesn't go into a
lot of detail about what it's for other than the inferred hint that it
might allow for file sizes larger than 4 GB.

The same simple test that gets EOVERFLOW when I use opendir() indeed seems to succeed when I use opendir64(). Once you know the answer, you can find
hints on IBM forums that seem to confirm it.

Is there already a version of "bash" somewhere that already supports large
file systems on AIX if its compilation is configured right?
Bash and Readline don't use opendir64/readdir64 directly.  You might be
able to get it to work by using cpp defines in lib/readline/complete.c

Actually, I am working on a "scandir" program myself, where I am using opendir(). The simpliest approach seems to be this at the start of the code, i.e., before ANY include files are inserted. One of it's effects is to make all opendir() calls automatically convert to opendir64() - no code changes needed, and the code works on both AIX - and debian (Linux on Power) that I have tested.

* define _LARGE_FILES needs to be first so that all the include files know that
#ifdef _AIX
#define _LARGE_FILES

Hope this helps!
p.s. - rather than actually add this to ALL source files, adding -D_LARGE_FILEs to CPP_FLAGS and/or to CFLAGS is probably the better approach.

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