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Re: bash expanding relative paths in auto-complete

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: bash expanding relative paths in auto-complete
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2015 11:48:11 -0700
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Andreas Schwab wrote:
Linda Walsh <address@hidden> writes:

in bash 4.3.39,
if I type a command, (like "."(source)) and a relative path
like : ../conf<complete>,
it expands the relative pathname to absolute pathnames.

Worksforme.  Make sure to run complete -r first.
Nope -- didn't change anything.

But throwing in a complete -D prevented any expansions until I typed in complete -r again.

complete -r says to remove all completion specifications.

I tried complete -p ../l<complete> -- and that printed
out all the files starting w/'l' in my 'bin' dir
(currently in ~/bin/sys; so from there, I can type ls ../lib and see all the lib supporting stuff under ~/bin/lib, but
it changes a typed "ls ../l -> "ls "/home/law/bin/l"

Also tried a clean environment:
env bash --norc --noprofile -- and that undefined my
aliases until I typed a new command:

Ishtar:law/bin/sys> env bash --norc --noprofile
bash: _pf: command not found
...elided 22 copies of same ...
bash: _pf: command not found
Ishtar:> which bash                 ##<short prompt
Notice the 1st prompt before I type which bash doesn't
show the 'cwd' (_pf, BTW, is an alias for printf for when I'm
writing out my "spwd" (short pwd) to print out a shortened
version of my current directory for my prompt and window title).

I do have "expand_tilde", but I'm not using a tilde and the
same happens in:

Ishtar:/etc/local> ls ../rc.
rc.d@              rc.splash          rc.status.orig     rc.status.rpmsave*
rc.include         rc.status          rc.status.rpmorig* rc.status.systemd
Ishtar:/etc/local> ls /etc/rc.  <<-- .. changed to /etc

I ran into this, BTW, when I was looking at a src-tree that used
symlinks w/abs. paths, so when I ran it with make clean,
the symlinks pointed at the real root-based binaries rather than
the tree-based binaries.
This resulted in "rmx -fr *" (rmx=rm --one-file-system) not seeing that the
symlinks (or mount-points) in the starting dir were on different
file systems and rm only checks to see that *descendants* of cmdline-args
are on the same FS -- which used to not be a problem when you could
do an "rmx -fr ." which would delete the contents before failing on "."
at the end (w/msg suppressed by "-f").


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