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Weird segfault

From: Isabell Cowan
Subject: Weird segfault
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2016 15:09:00 -0400

I've recently cross compiled (for the same arch) bash 4.3.  Oddly, every time I chroot into my new sysroot, executing bash -i, it immediately segfault.  However, using bash -il instead, or simply bash -c 'exec bash -i', everything seems to work normally.  However, when I exit/logout, I see that segfault.

Figuring it's a problem with my host's environment (best guess I had), I tried a variety of ways to clean out my environment, using both my host and new sysroots's env: no change.

I'm not really sure this is a bug with bash, but seeing as I have not better ideas, I thought I'd ask the people who know bash best.  I'm sorry if this is not the right place to look for help.

Enclosed is my ABS archive, containing a PKGBUILD (an Arch Linux build script, bash syntax), and two patches.  I hope it's function is fairly transparent.

Thank you for your time, Isabell Cowan

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