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manpage question re: '--debugger': what/where is debugger *profile*

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: manpage question re: '--debugger': what/where is debugger *profile*
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2016 13:06:41 -0800
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Under the bash-arg "--debugger" it says:

   Arrange for the debugger profile to be executed before the shell
   starts.   Turns  on extended debugging mode (see the description
   of the extdebug option to the shopt builtin below).

When I think of a "profile" in bash, I think of things
like /etc/profile or ~/.{bash_,}profile.

Is there something like that for debugging
(ex: /etc/bash_debugging or ~/.bash_debugging)?

If not, what does it all mean, er, that is
if the only thing it does is turn on the extdebug
option, then what is the 1st sentence talking about
in addition the the extdebug option mentioned in the
2nd sentence?

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